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Florida, 34234

 Company Description

Everyone Saves!

Advershares is a simple way for you to earn up to 40% profit cash back on everyday purchases both online and offline.

Not only do you earn cash back, but also earn additional cash back from all of the friends, family members, customers, and businesses you get to sign up.

Businesses get More Customers and More Profit

If you are a business owner, you can also sign up for a merchant account where you will not only increase your customer base, but you too, can earn money by signing up other local businesses. Merchant processing costs your business money. With Advershares you will earn cash back on each and every transaction your business processes in this manner.

Once customers sign up with AdverShares and begin spending money at your establishment (which they found through the AdverShares program), they will return often for the simple reason of earning the AdverShares cash back bonus every time they do business with you.

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