A.L.M. Sports
A.L.M. Sports
12864 Biscayne Blvd Ste 168
North Miami,
Florida, 33181

 Company Description
A.L.M. Sports is a rising entity with its roots firmly embedded in the local community. It draws from the knowledge of the streets and the experience of struggling to make a difference. A.L.M. Sports is the brain child of Alvin Murray, the Managing Director, a young man who has experience of playing and working within the UK and USA. He brings with him a group of workers who share his vision and tenacity to succeed where others have failed or are failing to make that break through. AIM To provide sporting opportunities for young people aged 3-18 years to participate in programs that develop and ensures the acquisition of appropriate knowledge, skill and attitude as the young person, no matter the ability, matures into adolescence/young adults.
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