Adult & Geriatric Institute of Florida
Adult & Geriatric Institute of Florida
1608 E Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale,
Florida, 3334

 Company Description
Mission Statement “It is our Mission to  improve the quality of lives of our patients by providing the best health care services at affordable prices and  making convenient to receive health care services under one roof for our patients”. By providing the best and convenient health care services to its patients, AGIFI can prosper as a business and meet the expectation of our employees and its customers”

 Values of AGIFI

AGIFI practices the following values in conducting its health care business.  These values are what make AGIFI different Multi Health Care Practice from other practices in the community.

These core values of AGIFI, reflects in every aspect of its business practices that provide a sense of satisfaction to its patients when they come to receive health care services in AGIFI.

1.      Integrity: AGIFI delivers what it promises to its customers.

2.      Respect: AGIFI staff will treat each individual patient with respect and dignity. AGIFI staff fully understand that respect is a two way street. Respect from others can only be earned when we treat each and every patient and staff with respect. Respect for others dignifies the value of each individual.

3.      Honesty: Each and every employee will be honest in dealings with each other and with customers/patients. AGIFI employees and physicians will always tell the truth and not hide or cover-up. In treating its customers/patients, will discuss diagnosis and treatments in complete honesty according to the available information and the available medical technology at the time. If such information and technology are not available at its disposal, they will make every effort to let its patients know honestly and refer to other facilities where such things are available.

4.      Communication: AGIFI well understands the value of information in today’s business world where information is power. AGIFI will use the bottom up and top down communication whatever type is most effective and efficient as demanded by the specific business situation.  By keeping clear channel of communication among its employees and its customers, AGIFI will make the most informed decisions in its business practices.

The importance of communication being one of the core values of its business practice, AGIFI will be able to run its business most effectively and efficiently.

5.      Innovation: AGIFI is well aware of the changing situations in present day global nature of the business.  In today’s world due to high speed internet and technological development around the world, information travels very fast. Changes happening in one part of the world, affects the other part of the world in a faction of seconds and minutes. Failure to embrace such changes can make any business obsolete.  Keeping such challenges in mind AGIFI will train its employees to be receptive of such changes and motivate them to create innovative ideas and share such ideas with each other at the work place.  Promoting such environment will help AGIFI to stand out in the competition and retain good employees in the organization which in turn will make AGIFI one of the best health care provider Company in the community.

6.      Community:  Community is the back bone of any company. Significant portion of its business income is derived from the community. AGIFI will be actively involved in community outreach programs such as organizing educational programs to educate the community about ways to keep its community member stay healthy. AGIFI will sponsors events that benefits the community such as educational, health, sports etc. By actively involving in the community AGIFI will contribute to the community from where it receives its business.

7.      Training and Development:  AGIFI will be committed in the training and development of its employees so that they can perform effectively and efficiently in the work place as long as they stay in the company.  In case personal circumstances, they need to leave, they will be able to pursue their career goal and get good jobs to maintain the high quality life and make significant contribution to the community where they move and the nation as a whole.  It is AGIFI’s strong belief that training and development opportunity will contribute to retaining the skilled professional staff at the company making it successful business.

8.      Entrepreneurship:   AGIFI is committed to promote entrepreneurship in its employees. The feeling of entrepreneurship among its employees will enable them to be enterprising. This will motivate them to run the business in a manner that is most effective manner. Enterprising value among company’s staff will train them to weigh cost benefits of each and every alternative available before they make any decisions.  This value will bring cost savings to the company and thus we will be able to provide affordable health care services to our customers which will benefit customers as well as the company.

9.      Ownership:  AGIFI will create environment where all our employees take ownership of what they do and stand behind it.  They will work as if each and every decision they make while at work will impact the company negatively or positively.  They will always be conscious to make the best decisions. They will share responsibility of what they do and always strive to perform the best.

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